Swords, Masks, and Posters for All!!

vicious, veritas, violent, vociferous . . .

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and one for Tsui Hark's forthcoming "Seven Swords" - if you don't know Tsui Hark, google him and then get back to me after you see some of his movies . . . ass-kicking is all I can say

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poster night - two from the forth coming "V for Vendetta" and even though the creator of the comic Alan Moore doesn't seem to be on board, the posters are dead on. . .

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Superman and Spiderwoman together?? Never happen - two different universes!!

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Indian Madness!!

From BoingBoing:

Bollywood album cover gallery

A collection of rare Bollywood LP cover art from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. We've blogged this before in a Web Zen edition, but you can never have enough of this sort of weirdness. I don't know what "Dariya-Dil" means, but it looks infringalicious!

Update:: Reader Ashfaq Talajawala says, "Dariya-Dil means big-hearted or generous. Literally, Dariya means a river (signifying big) and dil means heart."

Click the title of this post for a link to all the insanity!


They really are already HERE!

Click the title for a link to an online comics adaptation of H.G. Well's War of the Worlds. It is pretty impressive and will end up being about 120 pages total. The perfect way to gear up for the movie next weekend.

It's on Dark Horse Comics' site, home of classics like Sin City, Concrete, and Hellboy!

Get there now.

One final thought - saw Batman Begins yesterday and absolutely loved it. Finally, DC is back in the movie game! Watch out Spidey, there's a Bat in the Belfry . . .


A cowardly, superstitious lot

Tonight, Batman Begins begins. I will see it tomorrow and post comments on the weekend. Can't wait - always has been my fav mainstream superhero and while I can enjoy certain parts of Burton's Batman, this looks like the first real Batman movie.

Click the title to a link to a great Batman comic site.


I say Manga, you say Anime!

The world of Japanese manga and anime can be a difficult one to navigate. Manga are comics -- usually black and white, in a digest format -- that sell like hotcakes in Japan to everyone from schoolgirls to salarymen. In the U.S., the format has become popular mostly with the schoolgirls and boys under 17. But there is a wealth of material out there, almost none of it in the superhero genre. Just the opposite of the vast majority of domestic comics. Anime on the other hand is the collective name for Japanese animation movies that are often based on manga or sprout manga after success in theaters. While anime has been available in the U.S. for a couple of decades now (the oldest hit and most popular being Akira, more recent examples being Myazaki'sPrincess Mononoke or Howl's Moving Castle), but the real popularity boost to anime came from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim slot.

And, with that, the point of this post . . .

Click the title above for a link to a great article on a manga/anime that I really enjoy: GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka. This is a fantastic manga (there about 27 250-page volumes that sell at most major book retailers for about 10 bucks a volume) and, while I haven't seen it, a superior episodic anime show. This is one that Cartoon Network should be adding to their programming schedule.

In the meantime, we will have to be happy with 67 episodes of uncut Dragonball Z!!

Ah-so, indeed.


Imagine the Army Riding these . . .

The General returns (maybe) at the Blackstone in the wayout, suburbs known as Cumberland.

that is one cool piece of machinery. Too bad they don't make it in adult sizes . . .

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Make Yourself Feel Better site

Click the title above to link to a fascinating, addicting, terrifying, entertaining, and sometimes, downright disturbing website.
Postsecret.blogspot.com is a collection of cobbled together, home-made postcards that share unidentified individuals secrets - some are dark and dismal, some are light and funny.
I can't stop reading them.
And you won't be able to either.
Have a great weekend.


City of Freaks

David Lapham, indie comix hero and author/artist of the amazing "Murder Me Dead" and "Stray Bullets", is currently writing and laying out a 12-issue run of Detective Comcis. It hasn't been this good since Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams were on the title in the late 60s/early 70s. If you aren't reading this story, entitled "City of Crime", you should be. . . here's the latest cover ::

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Jonah Hex

The baddest ass of all Western comics is coming back this fall from the kick-ass writing team of Jimmy Palmiotto and Justin Gray. And man, Luke Ross's pencils just look killer. That is a one sweet page of comic goodness.

check it out . . .

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