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In addition to the already great Mr. Miracle, Orion and Lightray figures from the JLU line from Mattel, Kirby fans can rejoice with this set feature all new figures of the evil Mantis and Lashina (of Granny Goodness' Female Furies) plus the heroic bug, Forager!

Moving to Target Exclusive status, Mattel plans on releasing additional 6 packs with mixes of new and old figures, new three packs and all new single figs! Of those rumored to be on the way . . . The Question!

With the WB Justice League Unlimited show off the air for over two years, it is impressive that Mattel is putting out any of figures in this line, even repaints of existing molded figs. To actually being putting out multiple waves shows a great dedication to fans of the line.

Look for these New Gods box sets at a Target near you in Late May or Early June.



If you aren't loving these amazing covers to the latest Countdown Specials and 80-Page Giants by Ryan Sook you clearly have something wrong with you.

Pictured here are the covers to the Specials focused on Kamandi and Omac; others include the Atom, the New Gods, and shipping this week, Eclipso.

If DC marketing has any say in publishing plans, this should be the next Artist Series Portfolio collection that DC Direct issues.

As a bonus, the contents are pretty impressive. For speculators, I predict these books were under-ordered and sold out quick. Get'em while you still can.

Added Bonus #2 - DC issued a few variant covers featuring similar Ryan Sook art for Batman and the Outsiders #1, Green Arrow/Black Canary #1, and Death of the New Gods #1 - even more rare, and well worth the price of admission!



From Publishers Weekly Newsletter:

Artist Chris Bones had been a fan of the cult film Repo Man for years. Director Alex Cox's first film, it merged the aesthetic of LA.'.s ’80s punk scene with an absurdist science fiction story line and tied it together with a great soundtrack by Iggy Pop, Black Flag and Suicidal Tendencies. “I was very young when I first saw the film, and for some reason it just stuck with me,” Bones said. “The older I got, the more I seemed to gravitate back to it, which was a catalyst for me to develop an interest in Alex's other films, along with many other ‘strange’ directors. But I guess what made it a hit for me was the overall black humor and postapocalyptic feel. Having one of the best soundtracks ever didn't hurt too much, either.”

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As much as Millar is annoying these days with all the comments he is constantly making, and the fact that I thought the first issue of his and Hitch's run on the FF was shite, I do have to admit that I enjoyed the first issue of Kick-Ass.

So, with art that looks like it is going to rival Romita, Jr.'s work on that title, I will most likely be getting this . . . .

go visit artist Tommy Lee Edwards!



Tim Roth is certainly scary as the Abomination in the upcoming Incredible Hulk flick from Marvel Films and Ed Norton. Now if Norton and Marvel can just work out their differences and finish a cut of the film that they can agree on.

Norton's well known for being "particular" about the film's he is involved in (from American History X - where he went so far as to recut the film, causing director Tony Kaye to pull his name from the picture - to The Italian Job, in which he was so vocal about his displeasure with the final cut of that film that he practically guaranteed its box-office failure.) Since Marvel allowed Norton to virtually dictate the film to them on paper by letting him re-write the original script and supposedly promising the actor unprecedented say in the final cut, Marvel has basically painted themselves into a corner.

However, I am not sure that's a bad thing. Norton has a very high degree of expertise in the industry, is meticulous, and really has a mastery of his craft. Marvel could do worse than let someone like that influence the route this picture takes.

Go here for the trailer in HD.