The teaser trailer was great, but it had so much of the old Supes, I couldn't figure if there was enough on its own. It still hadn't convinced me of Routh either. But as the poster on Aint it Cool News stated (where this image came from via Premiere mag), this is where I am seeing Superman for the first time instead of Brandon Routh in a Superman costume. This is the first image that makes me a believer - June, 2006 can't come soon enough!


The Hills Really ARE Alive with the Sound of Music!

Check out this site - either one of the craziest internet loons ever, or a mad genius of artistic performance/collage/found art.

You Decide!

(Me, I think he Mikko Jack is beyond the last horizon - admittedly I didn't read the whole thing, but that's because my brain began to melt about 1/10 of the way through!)

Click the title for a link to the insanity!


The Next Show

Click the title for a link to 75 or Less and more info


That's Right, Bub!

click the title for a link to the trailer for X3 - wasn't overjoyed with Brett Ratner as the pick to replace Singer as director, but damn this trailer looks good - May '06 is looking HOT!