Another Legend Passes through the 4th Wall . . .

R.I.P. Alex Toth - Creator and designer of such Saturday morning classics as Space Ghost, The Herculoids, and more, plus the lead designer for the look of the classic SuperFriends. Not to mention his stellar career in comics.

According to his son in an online open letter, Toth died at his drawing table on a Saturday morning. Can't ask for more than that . . .


Work Work Work

After a busy month of work I have three pieces to show for it. One is for my son's 4th Birthday, with cribbed art from the amazing Darwyn Cooke - seek him out now, like here! The second is the album cover for the upcoming 75orlessrecords release for Western MA's Killing Pablo. And finally, an approval poster for the band A Passing Feeling's summer tour - they are one of the best young bands out of NYC and you can get your copy of their latest EP at the above linked 75orless Records!!


The Punch!

Probably the coolest Superman moment since Alan Moore made him say 'Burn!' in Superman Annual #11

Science Powers, ACTIVATE!

the new ambiguously gay duo of T. Cruise and J. Travolta coming to a neighborhood near you sooner than you think . . .
tune your preceptors



More of You!

from the guys that brought you the Secret Wars Re-Enactment Club:


I Tube, YouTube, We All Tube . . .

I am googoo over YouTube. Now you can be tube - one the best I have seen this week of about 200! Click the title for the link to RealLife Frogger!


I don't know if you'd call this journalism . . .

Click the title above for a link to a recent post by Dan Gillmor, the end-all-be-all of citizen journalism. It's what real blogging is all about, not the crap you read on this site. Thanks to Boing Boing for the heads up:

Dan Gillmor explains "citizen journalism"

Dan Gillmor, the hero and lion of "citizen journalism," gave a tremendous speech on what participatory, 21st-century news-reporting can and should look like at at Columbia's Hearst New Media Lecture, and he's posted the transcript on his blog:

This is called a "New Media" lecture. Two items: First, We are moving at light speed to a time when the expression "new media" will too many words, and we'll drop the new part; it'll just be media. I'm glad to see this school and the organizations that hire its graduates are adopting at least some of tomorrow's techniques more quickly than I predicted. That's good. Forward-looking folks are aware that there's no alternative, not to mention the fact that the journalism will benefit.

...I was calling attention to another reality of tomorrow's journalism. In a craft that's shifting from lecture to conversation, the publication (or broadcast or whatever) is not The End. It is somewhere in the middle of an emergent system in which we all can keep learning, and teaching.

This is increasingly doable in part because of what has changed so much for so many: the collision of technology and media, which has helped democratize communications and is turning traditional notions of journalism in new directions. Now, I don't mean democratization so much as in the sense of voting -- though collective community thinking is an intriguing and valuable part of what's coming. I mean it in the sense of wide participation.


Rolly Finger

follow this link for an "only in RI" story.