My Favorite Blogs!

Here's a new semi-regular feature - I will showcase someone else's much better and more entertaining blog/website. That way, those of you who read my blog will actually get something entertaining for your time.

The first of these that I want to point you all too is the Comics Should Be Good blog over at Comic Book Resources. A great blog, but the best feature there is Brian Cronin's weekly "Comic Book Urban Legends," where Cronin debunks or confirms famous, interesting, infamous, and downright bizarre comic book industry lore and rumor.

This week the feature is celebrating its 100th posting, so check out Brian's very first Urban Legend, plus a number of creator-penned legends. Then head back every Friday for more mysterious geekiness revealed as phooey or cold hard fact!


Warren Ellis has 3 Words for You:

Future Science Jesus.

Read the article here.


Hot Comic Pick!

Marvel Comics' NOVA:

Spinning out of the epic (and far better maxi-series than Civil War) Annihilation blockbuster, the new NOVA series stars the original Marvel Nova, Richard Rider. The results of the Annihalation Wave war have left most of the universe in shambles, and planets throughout the universe are still calling for Nova Corps assistance.

Problem is, Rider is the only Corps member. All grown-up, better at his job then ever, and invested not only with the cumulative powers of the Nova Corp, but also bonded to the Xandian Worldmind (the all encompassing historical database of the Corps and the Xandian people), Rider has his plate full.

Great action from writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with explosive artwork from Sean Chen, this series promises to be a sci-fi, space-faring hit. Reminiscent of the classic days of Hal Jordan's Green Lantern Corps days, this is sure to be a winner for any fan of Farscape, Serenity or Battlestar Galactica!


First the Herald and then the Master!

Behold GALACTUS! Laurence Fishburne will voice the gigantic purple world-devouring Kirby Kreation. More Kirby Dots please!

EDIT: FISHBURNE will be voicing the Silver Surfer, not Galactus. Plus that pic's from the Ultimate Alliance videogame, not the movie! My bad . . .


But can Ed Norton do this??

He's going to play the Hulk in the next movie from Marvel Films, but can even Ed Norton do this??


PETA Alert!

Who knew Bizarros were such dicks to their pets!!


Iron Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. in the first picture of himself in the Iron Man duds. This is the original suit that Stark constructed, not the later (and better known) red and yellow armor. Very promising . . .



All-Star Superman #7

Three preview pages and the cover of the upcoming issue (in stores Wednesday) of the best super-hero comic being published: