Marshall Rogers, RIP

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While few details are available at this time, the great comic artist, Marshall Rogers, has passed away. The trained architect turned comics penciller was only 57 years old.

One of the most definitive Batman artists of all time, he is best known for his run on Detective Comics with writer Steve Englehart in the late 1970s. Rogers was also highly-acclaimed for work he did on Mister Miracle, The Silver Surfer and Dr. Strange at Marvel, and most recently, new work with Englehart in the Batman universe with their sequel to their classic 70s run called Dark Detective.

The man just deserves the recognition on two sights.


No Bizarro! Yes!

Bizarro no am in Smallville. Never.

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Elf-driven Albinos for All!

from Heidi MacDonald's great site, The Beat!, here's a quote from 300 director Zach Snyder about the eventual DVD release of his latest masterpiece:

He said there would be some bonus footage on the 300 DVD: “It’s my cut, there is no director’s cut. But there was a sequence we cut out with these giant albino giants that had elfs riding on their backs. When I saw I said that’s too much. Even for me it’s too much! Vince Regan cuts the leg off one of the giants. Someone stabs the midget elf who is on the ground in an elf hat.”

Oh, and this info was revealed at a virtual press conference on 300 that was broadcast on Second Life! Now that's just freaky-deaky!


FOG! Risen from the Beyond!

The Forces of Good are back. Or should I say IS back! The website, which I wrote a few articles for a few years ago, is about to relaunch and creator/mastermind/evil emperor of the site, Stefan Blitz, has started up the FOG! blog again to prepare the masses for the eventual onslaught of the full site.

I will be contributing in some way to both entities and have posted my first entry over at the blog.

Go West , Young Man to read of it!



Changes Afoot

I continue to tweak as I try to teach myself the art of blog-design. Without help of books or a manual. Just tinkering and tinkering until something fits. Tonight I got the posts to move over to the left of the screen.

Also, I will now have the latest episode of PulpSecret broadcasting to the right. Comic Cover Crazy is below that for now until I can figure out how to stucture the layout that I actually want this page to have.

Stay tuned.

And watch PulpSecret before you leave - great new show if a little bit short in time and on content. The heart of the show is in the right place and hopefully future episodes will improve the amount and depth of content.


Two of the Greatest - Hear them SPEAK!

Here is a short interview with Jack "King" Kirby, intro'd by Harlan Ellison:


And here is a link to an interview with Frank Miller:



The Most Powerful Weapons Science Could Birth . . .

Why isn't this on DVD?? Maybe I will start a petition.


Science: Coming At'Ya! Crichton-Style!!

While spinning through the halls of Amazon today, I came across this gem!

Man, I liked that movie. And Wolfen too. Albert Finney owns my soul.

That would be a good name for my next record. From my fictional band.