The Greatest Commercial Ever??

Maybe not, but I still love it. Click on the title for a link and then on the right side of your screen click on the "Watch Mexican Pac Man Video"! Totally Rad!


And Another Great Cartoonist Doing John K!

Bill Wray is still the King: no Wray, no John K; no John K, no Gendy Tartakovsky; no Gendy, NO FUN!

Finally, Powdered ToastMan has Found a Home!

The master cartoonist, and creator of Ren & Stimpy has got his own blog - click the title for a link to John Kricfalusi's new All Kinds of Stuff blog!

Fantastic! Filled with Shaven Yak Hair!


Welcome to the Darkseid!

poster for my brother's and friend's band - this weekend in E.P., R.I.


Publication! At Last! . . . Still no pay . . .

Just thought I would let you all know that a design I submitted to the great Bran-man website was selected as one of the top 75 of the site's first year and has been included in their self-publised "yearbook." The book includes a page dedicated to my design along with a small bit of info/propaganda about me, the designer. Click the title above for a link to the Bran-man shop website with some details on the book and a link to where you can purchase it from Lulu.com - it's a bit steep at $34.95, but there are some really great designs in the book (mine is by far the least of those!) and it makes a really interesting coffee-table book.

Anyway, here is the cover - astute readers will be able to locate my submission on the cover, since before I posted it on the Bran-man site, it debuted right here in the House of Terror!


The Jungle, The Liquor and the General!

A poster for my friend's and brother's band's upcoming show with one of my all time favorite local bands, the Jungle Dogs - A band that I first saw at the old Living Room in Providence back when I was about 15! Amazing that they are back together, playing with my bro's band and that I got to do the poster for the show - the J-Dogs, along with Husker Du and the Minutemen, were the bands that got me into listening to what I listen to today and are a huge influence on the graphics that I do and the work the my friends and I have put into 75orless Records.

Seeing them again this weekend in Newport is going to be pretty mindblowing! If you can, get there.