It's Arrived!

The 75orless Records website is up and running with our first two releases ready to be purchased/pre-ordered. If you like limited edition art and kick-ass indy music, click on the title above now for a direct link to the site. The design of both the Staggering Statistics EP and the A Passing Feeling EP were done by yours truly (the Passing Feeling features original art by me, while the Stag Stats cover features the artwork of Cinncinatti's Alan Sauer).

Both of these EPs are hand made, the Passing Feeling is hand silk-screened in a limited edition of 250, while the Stag Stats is printed with a raised printing technique with a limited number of pressing hand silk-screened or foil-stamped. The Stag Stats is an edition of 750.

Keep watching this space and the 75orless Records site for future releases, limited edition pressings and rare boxed sets.


Nuns with Guns!

That's right, it's finally happened: My favorite cover artist (besides Jack Kirby and Neal Adams)- Brian Bolland - has drawn one of my all time favorite characters, Jonah Hex! Revel in the horror and the beauty!


Thursday's FREE COMIC!!

before I forget, I missed this one yesterday: Robert Kirkman's Battle Pope! I have to admit, I haven't read this, but Kirkman is the writer behind two critical and commercial mega-successes: the zombie love letter, the Walking Dead and the teen-angst ridden, superhero stomp Invincible. I have read both of those, and based on my love for those books, I have no problem recommending Kirkman's other pieces, unread.

Thanks again to Newsarama and Image comics for making all these books available for the week! Hope some you have taken my advice, 15 minutes, and made yourselves into comics fans!

More FREE Comics!

Continuing Newsarama's/Image's free comics on the web week, we here at Terrorcentral give you the Luna Brother's Girls! How can anyone resist that cover. Click the title for the link to the whole issue and if you like it, the The Brothers Luna are currently doing the artwork for the Brian Bendis-penned Spider-Woman: Origin from Marvel. Check 'em out.

'Nuff said!


Free Comics!! THE SEQUEL!

yet another free comic in the week long event from Image and Newsarama = get you pointies-a-clicking on that title above and experience Fear Agent #1!


Free Comics!!

If I can't get you bastards to buy comics, maybe you can at least read some for free. And one of this quality might make you actually search out more. Click the title for a link to Warren Ellis' and Ben Templesmith's Fell issue #1.

See the cover here <

Truly a great example of the medium and if you like this, the issues only sell for a $1.99 - cheap in this age of inflated comic pricing. Plus, each issue is self contained, so it doesn't matter if you read them in order, every issue, or just the ones you want. Perfect for the comic-newbie out there.

Well, what are you waiting for, man, click on over and be in awe!



Click the title for a peek at the cover of an upcoming book from DC/Vertigo - love this guy's artwork, so check out it his site as well. Plus this is written by Brian K. (Y The Last Man, Ultimate X-Men, Ex Machina, Runaways) Vaughn.

Yes, comics are good.


New Year, New Art

Here are two recent projects - ones done, ones in progress . . . Possibly a new look coming to the blog site soon. Maybe.