It only comes once every four years (that helps the Big Blue Boyscout avoid awkward social scenes), so here's to you Supes*!

*DISCLAIMER: Superman not really 50, that's just bad math.



1) Grant Morrison's Batman

2) Geoff Johns's Action Comics

3) Mattel's DCU Classics line of figures; see them here. Here's a taste of the magic (image courtesy of the DCUC Info site, listed above):

4) Brickmaster magazine - dedicated to customizing and building Lego sets. A recent new hobby that I am getting to share with my son - so far, our favorite has been the Indiana Jones Temple of the Ark set - supercool.


COMIC MOVIE NEWS in a flash!

A few quick hits:

See some of the figures for the upcoming Dark Knight here; and no, Deathstroke the Terminator is not in the movie, just the figure line. And yes, that is Firefly; see comment on Deathstroke.

Also, Dark Horizons has a surreptitiously taken pic of Two Face from the upcoming Bat-film, which since there hasn't been anything else, and Mattel is not yet releasing the figure to the public, constitutes a firt look.

Warner Bros. renews their rights on Akira and that looks to be coming out as a two film series, produced by Leo DiCaprio.

David Fincher is now the director linked to Charles Burns' Blackhole; script by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avery. That can't be a bad thing.

Great casting news: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the new Wolverine movie.

Not so great casting news: Will.I.Am of the Black Eye Peas as Wraith in the new Wolverine movie. Really, Marvel Films?

Go back to Figures.com (link above) for tons more on toys coming from Speed Racer, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Kung Fu Panda. Me? I am looking forward to Hulky Polky Dancing Hulk: "Hulk Smash Left Arm! Hulk Smash Right Arm! Hulk Turn on Puny Humans!"