Supergirl = Be'atch!

Great Neal Adams cover, but man, what a bitch!

Click on the title above for a link to the all time master of Superman as a Dick covers and interior art. I love comics, no doubt, but that is some funny shit.

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more Super for your Pooper

hit the title to link to the trailer for Disney's Sky High a new action family movie about a high school for the kids of superheroes. Looks kick ass, and fun. The way comics can sometimes be. Hmmm . . .

READ MORE COMICS, you zombies!


22 Hours and Counting . . .

The season finales this week of 24, Lost, The Contender, and Alias. My ass is glued to the couch like never before. I will probably post a review of Revenge of the Sith soon, but I may see it again first. In short - I liked it. A lot. Probably better than Jedi . . . but I'm not sure yet, until I see it again. One thing, in Sith annoying droids replace the cloying Ewoks of Jedi.

But, I liked it. Some great stuff in it, and I think the overall best thing about it, was that it makes Episodes 1 and 2 better. And that's saying a lot.

Finally, click the title for the ultimate site on Lost speculation!

Jack's back, and there's only 120 minutes until Zero Hour.


The Latest for the General

. . . after a rockin' show in the Boro of Attle, the General is back in the Little Big state for a performance with local degenerates, Mustache Ride.

this saturday - be there . . .

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No time for love, Dr. Jones

here are two links for your reading pleasure:

1) http://suicidegirls.com/words/Neil+Gaiman/

a link to an interview with one of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy writers of our time.


2) http://www.bloggercrab.com/blogs/?u=jimthing

my new favorite daily blogstop - guy comes up with some great covers . . .

tomorrow at 12:15 AM I am off to see Revenge of the Sith - the last time to truly revel in the geekdom that is Star Wars! Maybe a review of the movie by the weekend -- along with the 50 thousand others that will be online.

Boba Fett??!! Boba Fett!!


Latest Addition. More Turtle Power . . .

for a supposedly great band, that my brother's band is opening for.

this saturday - attleboro, where the wolves come out . . .

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Ebay Marketing for Comics 101

While searching for a comic that seems to be sold out everywhere I look (Batman #639 for those who are interested in the minute details of my life), I came across an interesting listing.

Click the link embedded in the title of this entry for the absolutely easiest way to get comic geeks (or Star Wars-, computer-, D&D-, or any other kind of geek) to browse your ebay listings.

Lordy, some people will do anything for a little green in the pocket.

Too funny, man. Too funny.


New Must Scan

So click the title to be 'ported over to my new favorite daily haunt. The people at Drawn have an uncanny ability to link to/feature artists that I instantly fall in love with. Enjoy it and I hope that it can inspire you to better art.



Designer? Well, maker at least . . .

Click on the title above for a link to Gig Poster.com and a look at my new designer space there. GP's a great site for concert posters/flyers, the criteria for posting being that it has to be for a band and the show had to have happened. So I have two posters I did up there now, and one in the approval cue. Other than that, I hope to be adding more as I get them done. The idea is that bands will be looking around the site, see my work and hopefully I will get some work out of it.

Anyway, much appeciated if you all would hop on over and check the site out, especially my poster page.