Are You Getting Enough Bran in Your Diet?

My first attempt at the recently blogged Bran-Man from Drawn!

He is the one and only . . . Lugnut

click the title for a link



Click the title for a link to a Frank Miller interview over at Suicide Girls. Its been up a while, but I haven't been there in ages, so it was new to me. Maybe it'll be new to you too, bub.


Recent work

the most recent poster I did for the guys over at www.75orless.com: promoting and sponsoring good music for free - what could be better!


GBV Forever

click the title for a link to a cool Flickr pool of Guided By Voices t-shirts - if you have one, add it to the archive today!

Drink one to the band, then listen to one of their many many many many albums. The kings of indy rock!