The teaser trailer was great, but it had so much of the old Supes, I couldn't figure if there was enough on its own. It still hadn't convinced me of Routh either. But as the poster on Aint it Cool News stated (where this image came from via Premiere mag), this is where I am seeing Superman for the first time instead of Brandon Routh in a Superman costume. This is the first image that makes me a believer - June, 2006 can't come soon enough!


The Hills Really ARE Alive with the Sound of Music!

Check out this site - either one of the craziest internet loons ever, or a mad genius of artistic performance/collage/found art.

You Decide!

(Me, I think he Mikko Jack is beyond the last horizon - admittedly I didn't read the whole thing, but that's because my brain began to melt about 1/10 of the way through!)

Click the title for a link to the insanity!


The Next Show

Click the title for a link to 75 or Less and more info


That's Right, Bub!

click the title for a link to the trailer for X3 - wasn't overjoyed with Brett Ratner as the pick to replace Singer as director, but damn this trailer looks good - May '06 is looking HOT!


Are You Getting Enough Bran in Your Diet?

My first attempt at the recently blogged Bran-Man from Drawn!

He is the one and only . . . Lugnut

click the title for a link



Click the title for a link to a Frank Miller interview over at Suicide Girls. Its been up a while, but I haven't been there in ages, so it was new to me. Maybe it'll be new to you too, bub.


Recent work

the most recent poster I did for the guys over at www.75orless.com: promoting and sponsoring good music for free - what could be better!


GBV Forever

click the title for a link to a cool Flickr pool of Guided By Voices t-shirts - if you have one, add it to the archive today!

Drink one to the band, then listen to one of their many many many many albums. The kings of indy rock!


The Greatest Paintbrush the World has Ever Known

Click on the title for a link to an amazing new tool for graphic designers or anyone who loves art . . . the I/O Brush! Make sure to watch the video, it's amazing and the music rocks too!

Thanks to Drawn! for the link and heads up!

Oh yeah, and that image??

Stephen King + Marvel Comics + The Dark Tower = Ryan in Geek Heaven!


Sgt. Rock + Joe Kubert = AMAZING

Had to post this preview page and cover from Kubert's latest Rock GN: Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy - get it from DC in January! It ain't ever easy in Easy!

Six more days to Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

My favorite holiday is right around the corner . . . BOO! Click the title for a link to a cool site about horrible pop culture or cut and paste the various links below to more mayhem and murderous fun . . .






That should keep you busy!


Happy Haunting!

After another long delay between posts, here's a view at the front of an invite I did for a Halloween party my wife and I are having.
More in a day or two


My New Favorite Blog

Click the title for a link to the latest in a long line of must-see blogs I visit at least bi-weekly!

Canadian Artist Paul Rivoche is probably best known for his work on the seminal indie comic Mister X. He has a heavy hand with the inks that gives a great depth. And the sci-fi monster rockets and space stuff he draws is just plain killer.

Rocket on over there and don't forget to check out his companion blog, The Scientific Artist - cool stuff!



Click the previous title for a link to the online museum and click this title for a link to a truly excellent Kirby blog.

'Nuff Said!

The King Gets His Day!

The Jack Kirby Museum has finally made its debut. Albeit, an online museum only at this point, but future plans call for educational seminars, traveling tours of Kirby's works, and I hope an eventual home. No one deserves it more. Comics remain one of the few truly American artforms and Kirby was more of a pioneer and gave more to the field than nearly any other creator in the form's 100+ year history.

A true American original, spend some time on the site, get to know the man and his work, and then stop wasting time. Get to a comic store or even Barnes & Nobles or Borders and buy some Kirby classics. A great resource is Marvel's Essentials collections - usually containing about 20 comics, reprinted in black & white for under 15 bucks. Can't be beat. Do yourself a favor and check out the Fantastic Four first!


A Ware Forecast

Here's a page from C. Ware's brilliant, moving, and sometimes, inscrutable "Jimmy Corrigan - The Smartest Kid on Earth". If you like the artwork and the madness behind in, be sure to get the NYTimes this Sunday for the first of a new serialized gn as described in the article below.


Be-Ware the Art Attack!

from the NYTimes:

'N.Y. Times Magazine' Debuting Comics in September

By E&P Staff

Published: September 06, 2005 12:26 PM ET

CHICAGO The Good Gray Lady has got the giggles.

One hundred and ten years after “The Yellow Kid” made its first appearance in the old New York World, The New York Times is publishing its first comic strip.

The Times announced Tuesday that it is turning over 10 pages of The New York Times magazine to a new section called “The Funny Pages.”

Each Sunday beginning Sept. 18, the magazine will run "The Strip," a serialized, full-color and full-page comic strip that will feature one self-contained story. The strips will be created by what the Times announcement calls “stars of the graphic novel,” with each running about six months. The first strip will be by alternative newspaper star Chris Ware, author of the graphic novel, "Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth." His first Times strip “tells the story of a young girl and her adventures in her apartment house,” the magazine said.

The new section will also include the Times Magazine's first foray into fiction with “The Sunday Serial.” The 14-week installments of an original work will kick off with a story by Elmore Leonard, best-selling author of "Get Shorty" and other novels. His serial will be followed by one from Patricia Cornwell.

A new column, "True Life Tales," will feature pieces of “the best young humor writers who tell hilariously true stories about everyday family life and societal trends.”

Times Magazine Editor Gerald Marzorati said the section is intended to give “our youngest readers a go-to destination when the paper arrives.”

"The Funny Pages is our own take on the traditional Sunday paper funny pages," he said in a statement. "We wanted a place in our pages for genre fiction--mysteries, detective stories, and the like--which is having a particularly vibrant moment in popular culture just now. And we wanted to make a place for the work of those creating narrative comics and graphic novels, a great new art form.”

"The Funny Pages" will also be available on NYTimes.com.


9/11+ 4

Four years gone. My thoughts with the families and friends of the thousands lost. My anger to Bush and his cronies. Still no Osama - "dead or alive." But a hell of a lot more American patriots dead in Iraq for no reason and with no foreseeable end in sight. Yeah, this guy is a great President.

9/11 - Never forget . . .


New favorite website

Browse or build your own, I challenge you not to be addicted to this site. Click the title and view thousands or just mine at id # 15560 in the gallery.

Have fun.


Oh, one more thing . . .

Written by Darren Aronofsky
Adapted by Kent Williams
Art and cover by Williams
Darren Aronofsky proved himself a filmmaker to watch with his provocative debut, Pi. His follow-up, Requiem for a Dream, continued the accolades, receiving Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations. His latest accomplishment, however, comes straight to comics in the form of The Fountain, a gorgeously painted, oversized original graphic novel about the timeless truths of life, love and death.
Working with acclaimed painter Kent Williams (Blood: A Tale, Havok & Wolverine), The Fountain crisscrosses through three distinct time periods: 1535, during an ancient Mayan war; the present day, following one doctor's desperate search for the cure for cancer; and the far future through the vast exotic reaches of space. Interweaving these three periods, The Fountain follows Tomas - warrior, doctor, explorer - as he feverishly tries to beat death and prolong the life of the woman he loves.
A story so grand, one medium couldn't contain it, Aronofsky's feature film version of THE FOUNTAIN will be released by New Regency and Warner Bros. Pictures, starring Tony Award-winning actor Hugh Jackman (X-Men, Van Helsing, The Boy from Oz) and acclaimed actress Rachel Weisz (Constantine, The Mummy, the upcoming The Constant Gardener). But before he did, the filmmaker wanted The Fountain to be realized the unique storytelling power and artistic beauty of the graphic novel. Together, Aronofsky and Williams deliver what might be considered the ultimate director's cut. This deluxe volume also features an afterword by Aronofsky. A softcover edition will be solicited in conjuction with the film's release. Retailers please note: This project is resolicited. All previous orders are cancelled.
Resolicited; on sale November 2 o 8.625" x 11.625" o 176 pg, FC, $39.99 US o MATURE READERS
Edited by Karen Berger

Busy Busy Busy

Finally almost unpacked. New baby and new house leave no time for blog. Many graphic projects rolling about, hopefully an announcement or two soon. Must bolt. Pick up the new Stooges re-release coming out tomorrow! Iggy's back and remastered!


Crisis Revisited . . .

This fall DC Comics is launching a massive new cross-over that will effect the entire line of books. Called Infinite Crisis the plotlines of the stories have been seeded throughout the company's books for the last 2 years, officially kicked off with Identity Crisis, and have gone into full blown assault this summer with a ton of minis and tie-ins.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this crazy event, and since it is coming at the same time as the 20th Anniversary of the first ever company-wide crossover -- 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths -- it's only appropriate that Terror Central provides a preview image of the alternative cover to this October's Infinite Crisis #1 by none other than original Crisis art-chitect, George Perez!

Behold . . .


Back, News and Sadness

Terror Central is back online after the move to a new top secret location! More posts soon.

Below find a poster I did for the great Joel R.L. Phelps who'll be making a quick stop in the Biggest Little for a show! Amazing!

Check out the show this weekend at Houlihans in E.P. Bittersweet after the recent passing of Silkworm drummer Micheal Dahlquist. He was a great drummer, and from all accounts a great human. Let him have a restful eternity with the best kit in Heaven!

posted by jax


Invasion of the Freaks or the New Look of Six Star General??

ComiCon International started yesterday and tons of great photos, comics and movie news and more are all over the web. Click on the title above for a link to Comic Book Resources for more . . .

Not much posting until August - Terror central has a new baby in the mix and we are moving to a new highly secure location at the end of July. So sporadic until then, but keep checking in for weekly updates and interesting tidbits!


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Swords, Masks, and Posters for All!!

vicious, veritas, violent, vociferous . . .

posted by jax

and one for Tsui Hark's forthcoming "Seven Swords" - if you don't know Tsui Hark, google him and then get back to me after you see some of his movies . . . ass-kicking is all I can say

posted by jax

poster night - two from the forth coming "V for Vendetta" and even though the creator of the comic Alan Moore doesn't seem to be on board, the posters are dead on. . .

posted by jax


Superman and Spiderwoman together?? Never happen - two different universes!!

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Indian Madness!!

From BoingBoing:

Bollywood album cover gallery

A collection of rare Bollywood LP cover art from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. We've blogged this before in a Web Zen edition, but you can never have enough of this sort of weirdness. I don't know what "Dariya-Dil" means, but it looks infringalicious!

Update:: Reader Ashfaq Talajawala says, "Dariya-Dil means big-hearted or generous. Literally, Dariya means a river (signifying big) and dil means heart."

Click the title of this post for a link to all the insanity!


They really are already HERE!

Click the title for a link to an online comics adaptation of H.G. Well's War of the Worlds. It is pretty impressive and will end up being about 120 pages total. The perfect way to gear up for the movie next weekend.

It's on Dark Horse Comics' site, home of classics like Sin City, Concrete, and Hellboy!

Get there now.

One final thought - saw Batman Begins yesterday and absolutely loved it. Finally, DC is back in the movie game! Watch out Spidey, there's a Bat in the Belfry . . .


A cowardly, superstitious lot

Tonight, Batman Begins begins. I will see it tomorrow and post comments on the weekend. Can't wait - always has been my fav mainstream superhero and while I can enjoy certain parts of Burton's Batman, this looks like the first real Batman movie.

Click the title to a link to a great Batman comic site.


I say Manga, you say Anime!

The world of Japanese manga and anime can be a difficult one to navigate. Manga are comics -- usually black and white, in a digest format -- that sell like hotcakes in Japan to everyone from schoolgirls to salarymen. In the U.S., the format has become popular mostly with the schoolgirls and boys under 17. But there is a wealth of material out there, almost none of it in the superhero genre. Just the opposite of the vast majority of domestic comics. Anime on the other hand is the collective name for Japanese animation movies that are often based on manga or sprout manga after success in theaters. While anime has been available in the U.S. for a couple of decades now (the oldest hit and most popular being Akira, more recent examples being Myazaki'sPrincess Mononoke or Howl's Moving Castle), but the real popularity boost to anime came from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim slot.

And, with that, the point of this post . . .

Click the title above for a link to a great article on a manga/anime that I really enjoy: GTO or Great Teacher Onizuka. This is a fantastic manga (there about 27 250-page volumes that sell at most major book retailers for about 10 bucks a volume) and, while I haven't seen it, a superior episodic anime show. This is one that Cartoon Network should be adding to their programming schedule.

In the meantime, we will have to be happy with 67 episodes of uncut Dragonball Z!!

Ah-so, indeed.


Imagine the Army Riding these . . .

The General returns (maybe) at the Blackstone in the wayout, suburbs known as Cumberland.

that is one cool piece of machinery. Too bad they don't make it in adult sizes . . .

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Make Yourself Feel Better site

Click the title above to link to a fascinating, addicting, terrifying, entertaining, and sometimes, downright disturbing website.
Postsecret.blogspot.com is a collection of cobbled together, home-made postcards that share unidentified individuals secrets - some are dark and dismal, some are light and funny.
I can't stop reading them.
And you won't be able to either.
Have a great weekend.


City of Freaks

David Lapham, indie comix hero and author/artist of the amazing "Murder Me Dead" and "Stray Bullets", is currently writing and laying out a 12-issue run of Detective Comcis. It hasn't been this good since Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams were on the title in the late 60s/early 70s. If you aren't reading this story, entitled "City of Crime", you should be. . . here's the latest cover ::

posted by jax


Jonah Hex

The baddest ass of all Western comics is coming back this fall from the kick-ass writing team of Jimmy Palmiotto and Justin Gray. And man, Luke Ross's pencils just look killer. That is a one sweet page of comic goodness.

check it out . . .

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Supergirl = Be'atch!

Great Neal Adams cover, but man, what a bitch!

Click on the title above for a link to the all time master of Superman as a Dick covers and interior art. I love comics, no doubt, but that is some funny shit.

posted by jax


more Super for your Pooper

hit the title to link to the trailer for Disney's Sky High a new action family movie about a high school for the kids of superheroes. Looks kick ass, and fun. The way comics can sometimes be. Hmmm . . .

READ MORE COMICS, you zombies!


22 Hours and Counting . . .

The season finales this week of 24, Lost, The Contender, and Alias. My ass is glued to the couch like never before. I will probably post a review of Revenge of the Sith soon, but I may see it again first. In short - I liked it. A lot. Probably better than Jedi . . . but I'm not sure yet, until I see it again. One thing, in Sith annoying droids replace the cloying Ewoks of Jedi.

But, I liked it. Some great stuff in it, and I think the overall best thing about it, was that it makes Episodes 1 and 2 better. And that's saying a lot.

Finally, click the title for the ultimate site on Lost speculation!

Jack's back, and there's only 120 minutes until Zero Hour.


The Latest for the General

. . . after a rockin' show in the Boro of Attle, the General is back in the Little Big state for a performance with local degenerates, Mustache Ride.

this saturday - be there . . .

posted by jax

No time for love, Dr. Jones

here are two links for your reading pleasure:

1) http://suicidegirls.com/words/Neil+Gaiman/

a link to an interview with one of the greatest sci-fi/fantasy writers of our time.


2) http://www.bloggercrab.com/blogs/?u=jimthing

my new favorite daily blogstop - guy comes up with some great covers . . .

tomorrow at 12:15 AM I am off to see Revenge of the Sith - the last time to truly revel in the geekdom that is Star Wars! Maybe a review of the movie by the weekend -- along with the 50 thousand others that will be online.

Boba Fett??!! Boba Fett!!


Latest Addition. More Turtle Power . . .

for a supposedly great band, that my brother's band is opening for.

this saturday - attleboro, where the wolves come out . . .

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Ebay Marketing for Comics 101

While searching for a comic that seems to be sold out everywhere I look (Batman #639 for those who are interested in the minute details of my life), I came across an interesting listing.

Click the link embedded in the title of this entry for the absolutely easiest way to get comic geeks (or Star Wars-, computer-, D&D-, or any other kind of geek) to browse your ebay listings.

Lordy, some people will do anything for a little green in the pocket.

Too funny, man. Too funny.


New Must Scan

So click the title to be 'ported over to my new favorite daily haunt. The people at Drawn have an uncanny ability to link to/feature artists that I instantly fall in love with. Enjoy it and I hope that it can inspire you to better art.



Designer? Well, maker at least . . .

Click on the title above for a link to Gig Poster.com and a look at my new designer space there. GP's a great site for concert posters/flyers, the criteria for posting being that it has to be for a band and the show had to have happened. So I have two posters I did up there now, and one in the approval cue. Other than that, I hope to be adding more as I get them done. The idea is that bands will be looking around the site, see my work and hopefully I will get some work out of it.

Anyway, much appeciated if you all would hop on over and check the site out, especially my poster page.



Glue Eater

Looking through my email, I came across my monthly newsletter from Matador Records and this interesting item about the upcoming Stephen Malkmus album. So, I repost it here for your viewing information and generally to spread the "fuck you's" to Paste Magazine.

Read on . . .

As we count down the days until the release of
SM's ridiculously great 3rd album, 'Face The
Truth', we call your attention to the following free
instore performance:

May 24th at 7PM
Sonic Boom Ballard
2209 NW Market St.

You can hear Stephen performing live on KEXP
(http://www.kexp.org) at noon (PDT) on May 24.

Download the new Stephen Malkmus e-card and do
with it as you will:


Finally, we'd like to offer a shout-out (ie.
"fuck you") to the cowards and thought-cops at the Ad
Dept at Paste Magazine who have deemed our
proposed advertisement for 'Face The Truth' to be
beyond the bounds of "good taste." God forbid that
anything might challenge the sensibilities of
Paste's Yep Roc-loving, Starbucks-guzzling, Wes
Anderson-worshipping readership. Seriously, if there's
anything we or SM have done that is a poor fit
with Paste's Ad Dept's narrow worldview, that is
the highest compliment we've been paid since the
last time Spin refused to run one of our ads.

The ad in question can be viewed here:


Commie muthafuckas!


Album Cover - Big Breakthrough Imminent!

The album cover for the new EP "Shrimp Has a Death Wish" by Six Star General is below. Click on the title above for a link to their site. They play Tinker's Nest in Warren, RI this Saturday. Fun-for-all . . .

The band wanted the logo on the EP - because of the shape of the logo and the standard size of cd cases, I had to work around a lot of blank space. Using the ep title and the band name seemed to be the way to fill the space, but if they were too big, they would have been competing w/ the logo. Enter the compass-y design. Not overly thrilled with the front, but I am pretty happy with the inside info insert - I think using the lightning star was a good tie-in to the cover, but didn't make it too overused. I always loved the RKO Radio-Pictures logo that played before King Kong and bunch of other classic horror movies, so I swiped it for the insert. Simple fonts kept it from looking like they were FONTS. I hope. Anyway, about a week's worth of work, not counting the logo design that was done months ago and just touched up recently. I think it still needs one more thing touched, but I'll get to that later.

posted by jax


Design Meltdown

working hard on a handful of projects, so short post tonight - FX's The Shield has been as good if not better than any of the last three seasons. If you're not watching Macky and Shane, you should be, scumbag.

24 also better this season than last, but there just seems to be something bigger around every corner. I miss the idea from Season One where there was a single threat and Jack had one day to stop it. Now there's a new threat each hour and its just a juggling match to see how he can leap to the next hurdle. Still intense though and better written than 99% of the dreck on the rest of the major networks.

Finally, if you aren't aware or already reading them, head over to www.hardcasecrime.com -- a new mini-publisher specializing in crime fiction with a pulp slant. Featuring new writers, some of the biggest names in fiction (like Donald Westlake, Robert Bloch and Stephen King), and reprinting long out-of-print classics, this is the publisher everyone should have in their radar. Personal favorite so far: Kiss Her Goodbye by Allan Guthrie - the best thing to come out of Scotland since Sean Connery.

Over and out.


Logo Time

So here's the latest logo for my bro's band - remixed, cleaned up and improved for the future.

posted by jax


Here's a little sampling of some of that Bama/Bantam magic . . .

posted by jax

Man of Bronze v. Hordes of Diabolical Midgets!!

For a few years now I have been tracking down and collecting the somewhat rare and mostly pretty cheap 1960s paperback re-issues of the classic Doc Savage pulps from the 30s. Re-presented in pocket-sized paperback novel form wrapped in the gorgeous art of James Bama, these are the ultimate in action-adventure tough guy pulp fiction. This past week, at one of Providence's best kept secrets -- Cellar Stories -- I found a new batch of these tough-to-find gems in absolutely minty condition.

Sure, The Shadow is more popular and more well known than Doc Savage. And, right, you're thinking Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow showed you enough of those silly "pulps" to last a bitter lifetime. But the Savage novels are the real deal my friend. And just to tantalize you with a taste of the freaky uber-action that happens in every one of the 161 novels:

The Menace of the Deadly Dwarf: Cadwiller Olden was only three feet tall, but he was the most dangerous man on Earth. With his legion of brutal giants, and control of REPEL -- a massive, devastating energy force -- the murderous midget began an all-out assault against the defenseless bastions of the free nations. As the entire world huddles in fear, DOC SAVAGE battles against the bizarre doll criminal, and the unleashed fury of his deadly tool of destruction, REPEL!

That's from the cover description to "The Deadly Dwarf", number 28 in the series. With a lead-in like that, and other titles like: The Gold Ogre, The Thousand-Headed Man, The Spook Legion, and The Evil Gnome, how can you resist?

You can't, my friend.

You surely can't.

Click the title at the top of this post for a link to the best Doc Savage resource on the web.


Another 45 minutes work, and . . .

we're done . . .

. . .and the final product, signed sealed and delivered.

posted by jax


Current Project 1 of 4!!!!

I'll put something up from the others in a day or so when I get them more in line. read on . . .

. . . also, check out http://www.super7magazine.com/ - they have a killer magazine (new issue out now) and I have been haunting the site a lot more lately. It's not just about Japanese toys, but great art, music and more. Go now, Gaijin!

here's a project that should be complete in the next day or so. All original art, by hand with photoshop. The inspiration was a Wheaties cereal box. This is for my brother's band, a fundraiser they are playing for a local pub's softball team. Just need to figure out the layout of the rest of the text . . .

posted by jax


The Fountain

click the link for instant transport to another article about Darren Aronofsky's upcoming flick "The Fountain." This movie just sounds sick and this article was written by a guy who had an exclusive set visit. I have been reading a lot about this movie and I can't wait for it to come out.

If you haven't seen Pi or Requim for a Dream go rent them NOW!

Anyway, I haven't even read this article yet, but now that I am linked to it, I will be able to come back to it later.

Night-night. . .



Click on the word "hate" above for a link to a nice little interview with Peter Bagge, creator of the indy comic Hate - then, continue through the interviews section of Suicide Girls for an interview with director Darren Aronofsky (Requirum for a Dream) - his new flick The Fountain sounds like it is going to be superfantastic. That is all.


Boxcar Graveyard

this is a little work-in-progress, I'm not sure for what yet. I have a few things in the works and now that I have Photoshop and Illo back up and running, I am going to try and get on these projects a little more. Also, I think a biggish announcement in about a week or two. Stay tuned . . .

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Hi-powered Action!

I'm back online, in the mix, working the magic, gleaming the cube - the new computer has arrived and I'm finally able to get into the blog again. Have a bunch of cool stuff to share in the next few weeks, so stay tuned and stop by towards the end of teh weekend for the first of it. In the meantime, I have to fix up the new machine, get all the nodes right and read the patterns. Terror-central will be busy in the next few weeks, so drop me a line whenever you can.

Oh, and one last thing before the weekend: SEE SIN CITY!!



Computer Inactive

Coming from Long Island: The computer at terror central has been down for about 2 weeks now. just ordered a new Dell to sink my cashflow into. should be back on line and reporting in on a semi-daily basis again by next weekend. in the meantime, go see "Sin City" this weekend, no matter what you think is good for you. See it, you bastard, or I'll send Marv over to your place!


thought I would post a few covers from the original run of V. These are classics by artist David Lloyd. Enjoy . . . this is from Warrior #11 . . .

posted by jax

and from Warrior #19 . . .

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Vehement Victorian Vengeance

click the title above to be linked to the official movie website for the classic Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic: V for Vendetta.

one of the most subversive comic works by Moore and groundbreaking in many ways, V is the story of a not too-distant future in London where fascism rules and freedom is non-existent. one man, however, is ready to rock the boat and blowing up Parliment is only the beginning.

one of the most striking innovations of the series was Moore's total non-use of thought captions. long the standard crutch for writers to give readers the "inside view" of their characters, the trend of abolishing thought captions is common now. But in the early 80s when Moore/Lloyd started V at the English anthology, Warrior, it was innovative, daring, and I would imagine, a serious writer's challenge. hell, I can't write a six page script without at least a page or two of internal exposition by my hero!

anyway, Joel Silver and the Wachowski Bros. are behind this one, so I would hope that they don't fuck it up. unfortunately, Moore's previously brilliant work has been slaughtered and shat upon on the silver screen (see, or rather don't see, the movies From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or the abominable Swamp Thing movies from the 80s!)

england prevails.


Friday Night Work Out

This is a work in progress that I am working on, probably for a poster for my brother's band. Anyway, I started with a color paletter - I wanted blues and browns. Then I hunted for a while online and found this owl image. Once I got the owl how I wanted him, I took a cue from the color of the eyes and made the "x-ray eyes" effect. I will probably use the sights for the info for the band and whatnot. Or I may change that . . . who knows? But the owl is in. I think he is just right. more later. . .

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here's a t-shirt design/bumper sticker idea I am still working out. I may edit and play with this some more, but thought I would share. Let me know what you all think . . .

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here's a recent poster I did for a non-profit children's theatre in providence . . .

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Kung Fu My Ass, Master Chew!

Click on the title above for a link to an interview with Ong-Bak star, Tony Jaa. This Thai madman is coming soon to a theatre near you. HoooAAAAAAAHHHH!!

While you're there, check out some of the other interviews - they have some cool ones.


They Go in Threes . . .

Sandra Dee and Hunter Thompson over the weekend . . . who's next?

I've been a fan of Thompson's work for a long time, my personal favorite being his book on the Hell's Angels. But I think what another favorite writer of mine wrote is better than anything I would be able to fumble out. And, I agree with what Ellis has to say here, never a big fan of the suicide exit myself, I think that it kind of reeks of the drama, but that doesn't diminish the work (nor did it for my other fav, Hemingway.)

Anyway, read on:

bad signal

People keep asking if I'm going to
say something about the death of
Hunter S Thompson. Hell, a couple
of newspapers have asked. This
is because (for the sake of the
Marvel readers who have joined us)
I wrote a graphic novel series called
of whose protagonist was somewhat
influenced by Thompson's writing,
persona and life.

I got the news from a friend at CBS
at four in the morning, two minutes
after it hit the ticker. I was, and
am, numb. I've tried to write about
it a couple of times. When John
Peel died, I was wrecked. This
time, I'm just numb.

I read an article a few years ago,
that I haven't seen cited in the
obituaries yet, wherein it's stated
that Thompson's body was pretty
much packing up on him. His
stomach was having problems with
toxic substances like, um, food,
and his diet was mostly liquid,
mashed avocado and yoghurt. He'd
spent time in a wheelchair in recent
years. His drug use had always been
exaggerated for comedic effect,
but, at 67, he'd been hammering
his body in a committed way for
some 50 years. And, at 67, you
don't grow back the bits you killed.
There's a fair chance he was looking
at years of dependency, chronic
illness, and listening to his own body
die by inches. Anyone would find
that frightening.

He always wore his influences on
his sleeve. JP Donleavy, Faulkner,
Mencken, Fitzgerald, Kerouac,
Hemingway. He used and re-used
the last line from A FAREWELL TO
ARMS, over and over: "I walked back
to the hotel in the rain." Legend
has it that he retyped a Hemingway
novel to understand how the writer
got his effects.

Hemingway, of course, shot himself
in the head. Old and sick and unable
to live up to his own ideas on manhood.

I always thought it peculiarly apt
that the man who wrote that line,
whose work was all about keeping
the expression of human feeling
underneath the surface, sat
somewhere quiet and alone and put
a shotgun in his mouth.

Hunter Thompson waited until his
young wife left the house, and then
shot himself in the head with a
pistol. He must have been quite
aware that either she, or his son,
there in the house with his grandson,
would find his corpse. Dead bodies
don't lay neatly. They splay,
spastic and awful. There is often

I nev er met Thompson. Had the
opportunity a couple of times --
magazines wanting to send me out
to Woody Creek, that kind of
thing -- but turned them down. I've
been lucky so far, in meeting my
great influences. But they don't
always go well. Friends of mine have
had horrific experiences with their
personal heroes, and it often leaves
them unable to enjoy the work
afterwards. And I wanted to keep
the work. So I don't know what kind
of man he was.

And the numbness, in part, comes
from now finding that he was the
kind of man that'd let his family
find him like that. I have a personal
loathing for suicide. It's stupid and
selfish and ugly and cowardly and
reeks of weakness. Someone said
to me yesterday about Thompson,
"What a ripoff." And I kind of know
what he meant. It's become
convenient to write Thompson off
as parody in recent years, and
there's a case to be made that he
peaked around the age of 36, with
CAMPAIGN TRAIL '72. But he could
still make me laugh, even in the
most recent collection, HEY RUBE.
" 'We have many cigarettes here,'
I said suavely" still makes me smile.
Writing had clearly become
difficult, and a job, but every now
and then you'd get a clear burst
of the old anger, as in his support
for Lisl Auman (google it). He was
done with the big fireworks, but
the devil was still in him. Probably
his great work of the last twenty
years was in Being Hunter Thompson.
In performance.

But how you leave the stage is at
least as important as how you enter
it. And he left it alone in a kitchen
with a .45, dying in -- and wouldn't
it be nice if it were the last time
these words were typed together? --

-- dying in fear, and loathing.

Warren Ellis
down by the sea
February 2005


the latest poster for my brother's and friends' band SIX STAR GENERAL. See the poster, hear the band. Rock on . . .

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who indeed? Finally, after years of languishing in studio limbo, "Watchmen" -- the most critically acclaimed comic of all time by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons -- is under way as a film. With Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremecy) set to direct, the official movie website is up at http://www.watchmenmovie.com/

Go now.

Then read the book, dunderheads.



From my friend Slick's blog, I re-post to spread the word. Check out this website: http://www.theminutemen.com/home.html to see the trailer and more about the seminal Minutemen.

From the man himself:

an email i received from mike watt....

We are proud to announce that WE JAM ECONO -
help us get the word out about the premiere.
Post the info to every newsgroup that you're on,
e-mail your friends, and tell the whole world!

The San Pedro Film Society in association
with Rocket Fuel Films is proud to announce
the premiere of WE JAM ECONO - THE STORY OF
THE MINUTEMEN at 8PM on Friday, February 25,
2005 at San Pedro's historic Warner Grand
Theatre. Minutemen Mike Watt and George
Hurley along with Director Tim Irwin and
Producer Keith Schieron will sit for a
question and answer session with the audience
after the screening.

a feature length documentary chronicling this
ground breaking, early 80's punk rock band
from their humble beginnings in the harbor
town of San Pedro, CA to their untimely
demise when lead singer and guitarist D. Boon
was killed in a van accident in December of

Told by those who were there, WE JAM ECONO -
footage from over fifty newly shot interviews
with archival interviews and live performances
to capture the dynamic energy and
do-it-yourself spirit of these punk rock
pioneers. Newly shot interviews include
Minutemen Mike Watt and George Hurley as well
as Bill Morgan, Brendan Mullen, Brother Dale,
Brother Matt, Byron Coley, Carla Bozulich,
Carlos Guitarlos, Chris Morris, Colin Newman,
Dave Markey, David Rees, Dez Cadena, Ed
Crawford, Flea, Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins, Ian
Mackaye, J Mascis, Jack Brewer, Jean Watt,
Jello Biafra, Joe Baiza, Joe Carducci, John
Doe, John Talley-jones, Keith Morris, Kevin
Barrett, Kira Roessler, Kjehl Johansen, Kurt
Schellenbach, Lisa Roeland, Martin Lyon,
Michel C. Ford, Mike Martt, Milo Auckerman,
Nannette Roeland, Nels Cline, Pat Hoed, Randy
Jahnson, Ray Farrell, Raymond Pettibon,
Richard Bonney, Richard Derrick, Richard
Hell, Richard Meltzer, Bobby Holtzman, Scott
Becker, Thurston Moore, Tom Watson, Tony
Platon and Vince Meghrouni.


No Ass Crack

In Virginia today, the powers that be passed a law that fines people up to $50 for wearing their pants below their underwear. Gangstas and plumbers BEWARE!

Also, in Michigan a CEO fired a number of employees for failing his Tobacco Tests or refusing to submit to the tests. Apparently, employers can now dictate what you may do outside of work in your own homes. Yippee.

Freedom spreads at an unbelieveable pace with this fine President we have. 4 more years! Great.

Next stop, Iran!


News from The Institute for M.O.D.O.K. Studies

for those who don't know, M.O.D.O.K. stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. Check out more on this dynamic hipster at http://www.ludickid.com/modok.htm or at Last Gasp Publishing's website, here:


the poster for my friend's and brother's band www.sixstargeneral.com; they are playing tomorrow night at Houlihan's in EP; M.O.D.O.K. says go!

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Dinner with a side of television

tonight's ep of Dinner for Five hosted by Jon Favreau featured an eclectic crowd as usual: Billy Bob Thornton, Peter Berg, Buzz Bissinger and Brian Grazer. Always been a fan of Berg (both as an actor and director), plus Thornton is constantly amusing (he was decked out in full gangsta gear for the diner at LA's Le Meridian). Anyway, the thing that shocked me about the show was how producer Brian Grazer (24, Friday Night Lights) actually won me over. I always thought he was a tool - no particular reason, other than I can't stand his spiky faux-Iggy Pop hair do and the fact that his name is attached to everything under the California sun. But he was actually very down to earth, self-deprecating and humble on the show and spoke with great conviction about making films and television that other people didn't want to look at twice. If you can catch it, do so.

also, on the comic-book-front, I am about 1/2 way through the first volume of Walter Simonson's masterful run on Thor from Marvel back in the 80s. I wasn't a big Marvel-kid growing up, expect for the X-men and the Punisher, so I never caught this on the stands and it took me twenty years and countless articles before I shelled out the cash for the new collected editions of the material. Damn good stuff. I loved Simonson ever since his work on the Detective Comics back-ups of Manhunter from the late 70s, but this surpasses even that. Later in the week I will try to upload some of the mind blowing artwork.


And . . . . we're back

So, after a month off for the work on NaNoWriMo, I took an additional month off because I am a lazy bastard. Anyway, with the new year arrived in one piece, I will try for at least weekly updates with the Weekly 5 and a review or interesting weblink here and there.

Let's start it off with the Weekly 5 Year End Review:

Scan It: Best Graphic Novel or Comic of the Year: My vote goes to Brian K. Vaughn's and tony Harris's Ex Machina. A mix of political commentary and superhero action, with just the right amount of wise-ass comedy, this book rocks consistently. Fantastic art by Harris (the best stuff he's done since his seminal run on Starman) only adds to the high quality of this book.

Read It: The final three volumes of Stephen King's Dark Tower series is hands down the winner. Among the three, I have to pick Wolves of the Calla as the best.

Listen to It: Three way tie here for me: Mission of Burma's On off On, Mike Watt The Secondman's Middle Stand, and finally, even though I don't think it came out this year, I got it this year, so My Morning Jacket's It Still Moves. Rock.

View It: Easy-peasy Japanesy -- Movie: Hellboy: the new special edition dvd makes it that much better. TV: Lost: more intense than a bowel movement after a latenight session at Wes's Rib House.

Bookmark It: Shameless plug time: www.forcesofgood.com - Sure, there was only one issue this past year, but the online pop culture mag/authority figure will be back in February with an all new format and daily updates, plus weekly reviews of all the hottest films, books, comics, and more. Check back for the new launch date!

So, first in for the year, let me know what you call Tops in your own little spacepods. Comment and tell me what made you squirm in '04.