Desktop Creator Zone

A Hulk desktop I made using the art of Brian Hitch which was used for promotion in the 2nd Ultimate Avengers direct to DVD movie.

Desktop Creator Zone

Here is a desktop I created this morning, using the cover to an upcoming issue of Action Comics by the team supreme of Johns, Donner & Kubert - feel free to add it to your wallpaper collection! All characters and artwork copyright their respective owners.


Comic Cover Crazy (vol. I, no. 3)

This installation of Comic Cover Crazy is not so much crazy-weird as it is just plain crazy-good (like those damn Pop Tarts!)

Anyway, The King brings us this one and it truly is one of my favorites by him. Kirby just owns me when it comes to covers. His angles; his color schemes; those crazy machines - it all equals pure comic magic. I don't think anyone comes close to do a cover or a splash page like Jack, and I don't know if anyone ever will. There are some great ones out there (you can't go wrong with much by Neal Adams or Brian Bolland - especially on covers) but no one has ever done with so much, well, "Kirby" too it.

Gaze in wonder . . . DC's Mister Miracle No. 1!



Appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th (in the same year as 06/06/06! Bwa-ha-ha!) Marvel has posted a new Ghost Rider Exclusive Trailer on Marvel.com!

And, as I stated from the rumor-mill earlier on the terror-blog, actor Terrence Howard has been cast in the Iron Man movie as Jim Rhodes.

Now? Who's gonna be the Mandarin? How 'bout John Lone!


From the Archives

As Terror Central continues its new commitment to web-based activity blogging, tonight we roll out the latest feature, "From the Archives" (to be renamed when I am thinking more creatively).

For the inaugural peak into the tombs of the Terror house, I am posting two picks of the original pencil and inks for a 1985 poster that was used to promote and sell Kenner's Super Powers line of action figures. These are to many collectors, myself included, the greatest of all super-hero action figures. A whole blog could be and are dedicated to these fine plastic masterpieces.

Tonight, though, a glimpse at the artwork I bought about 10 years ago. It is by Paris Cullins and Bob Smith, done on DC Comics, Inc. Bristol board in August, 1985 for Kenner Toys. This original artwork was later partially covered with a paste-up, also drawn by Cullins, to cover the Wonder Woman driven All Terrain Trapper, that was scraped from production.

Truly a unique piece, and the gem of my meager Super Powers collection. Oh, and one other great thing about this line of figures - a lot of the design was by none other than Jack "King" Kirby himself!

Beat That, Hot Wheels!