Iron Swinger

He may have played Matt Murdock’s best friend, Foggy Nelson In the film version of Daredevil, but when it comes to a film version of Marvel’s Iron Man, Jon Favreau has a much larger role than that of a supporting character.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has tapped the actor/screenwriter/director to develop and direct Iron Man, working on the script from Arthur Marcum and Matt Holloway. While many may only remember Favreau as Nelson or perhaps from his breakout role in Swingers, Favreau has moved recently, to work behind the camera, directing last year’s Zathura, executive producing the acclaimed Green Street Hooligans, and directing Elf, among others. Favreau is also attached to direct a film version of John Carter, Warlord of Mars.

As Favreau said in an interview quoted in the trade, he’ll be looking to use CGI with the project, something he has been reluctant to do, making Iron Man his first film which will use the technology extensively. “I think that now, through motion-capture and the integration of miniatures with CGI, like in King Kong, I'm starting to be a lot more convinced by what the technology can do,” Favreau is quoted as saying. “But the idea of using CGI and relying solely on that to tell your story, those days are past. I think that integrating practical filmmaking and augmenting it with CGI is the key to making it an emotionally involved story."

If things move according to plan, Iron Man will begin production in early 2007.


She Blinded Me with Art!

check out this link BLIND ART for a cool switcheroo on the Japanese blindbox toy idea. The idea is a ton of different cheap toys are packaged in little boxes, you see all the different toys on the box, but don't know what you are getting until you buy - so you buy a bunch, hope for the best, and then trade off doubles or ones you don't want for ones you do. Well Future Plastik in England has taken the idea and filled their blindboxes with original artwork by some well known artists. And for about $20 US (with shipping!) you can get a great original like this one from Hammo:

Go get some!