The Greatest Paintbrush the World has Ever Known

Click on the title for a link to an amazing new tool for graphic designers or anyone who loves art . . . the I/O Brush! Make sure to watch the video, it's amazing and the music rocks too!

Thanks to Drawn! for the link and heads up!

Oh yeah, and that image??

Stephen King + Marvel Comics + The Dark Tower = Ryan in Geek Heaven!


Sgt. Rock + Joe Kubert = AMAZING

Had to post this preview page and cover from Kubert's latest Rock GN: Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy - get it from DC in January! It ain't ever easy in Easy!

Six more days to Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

My favorite holiday is right around the corner . . . BOO! Click the title for a link to a cool site about horrible pop culture or cut and paste the various links below to more mayhem and murderous fun . . .






That should keep you busy!


Happy Haunting!

After another long delay between posts, here's a view at the front of an invite I did for a Halloween party my wife and I are having.
More in a day or two