Lost Time

So . . . I was stuck in Texas (don't ask) with no internet access and I just got back late on Wednesday night. I know I am slacking on entries and more importantly finishing off my story, but I promise the conclusion to Open Wounds tomorrow and more substantive entries over the next few weeks. I have some things in mind and I am going to start getting some reviews laid out as well. So, join me if you will tomorrow night, for the conclusion to Harlan's harrowing happenings.

Oh, and check out the pic below - it's a teaser shot for the new Avengers line-up. After the current story line "Disassembled" wraps up, lots of former Avengers will be formerly living, so the team takes on some new blood. Spider-man and Wolverine being two of them. And if my sources are correct - Luke Cage Powerman is another! Sweet Christmas!

As Gordon Gekko would say, "Talk at you tomorrow."

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