Sunday Bloody Sunday

The First week in the Blog-o-Sphere is done and gone! I made it with out the Man censoring me! Just kidding . . . I am glad that I was able to start this up and I am already having a ton of fun with this. It has helped to force me to get on the computer and write something daily (however banal it may be!) and that is a great step forward for my lazy ass.

So, I know I promised fiction by the weekend, but since I have tomorrow off, I am not counting the weekend as over and will post something tomorrow on that front.

As I sign off for the first week, I just want to say thanks to those of you who have stopped by, read my nonsense and took the time to check out the site. Also, a special thanks to those who have left comments, you let me know I wasn't shouting into the empty darkness.

I leave you with this kick-ass Alex Ross image from the cover of the Village Voice from earlier in the year - it deserves a wider audience.

Tomorrow - fiction . . .

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