Death by Computer

I seriously believe that my computer is trying to kill itself. I have run every virus protocol and protective scan on the thing imaginable. It runs fine and fast for weeks on end and then, out of the blue, disaster strikes and the thing wigs out!

Anyway, because of said proclivity towards self-destruction, I have to be brief tonight. So, two quick things: Comic of the week: Y the Last Man - the story of the last man on Earth, this book continually rocks it out. This week's issue focuses on the last man's sister, Hero. Gripping. Seriously, check it out. The first two storylines (from about 2 1/2 years ago) are collected in very affordable trade paperbacks. From DC.

Second, my brother's and friend's band, the newly dubbed Six Star General, are playing at Gabriel's in Warren, RI on Friday night, September 10th. Get your groove on at www.sixstargeneral.com -- tell 'em the roadie sent you.

More tomorrow.

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