The Weekly 5 Ver.1.2

Quick hits this week, a day late and a dollar short. Check it:

Scan it: Mythology by Alex Ross and Chip Kidd with photography by Geoff Spear. This is an retrospective coffee table book of painter Alex Ross's career, focusing exclusively on his work done for DC Comics. Unbelieveable. By it now. Try www.midtowncomics.com

Read it: This week I am recommending a classic, since I am in the middle of two books and don't want to recommend them until I am done. So, on weeks like this, I'll pick one of my favorites. This week: Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Nothing more to say.

Listen to it: I am really digging this song that's getting a ton of airplay by the band Coheed and Cambria - the song is pretty good (not great) but the background on the band rocks - all of their songs and records are about fictional siblings from outer space and their misadventures through the universe. Sci-fi Rock!

View it: Two picks here. First, go see Hero right now. Drop whatever you're not doing and see it. Beautiful and kick-ass at the same time. Second, just picked up the DVD Special Edition of The Manchurian Candidate (the original with Sinatra.) Forgot how much I love Frankenheimer.

Bookmark it: Already mentioned above, but I have to rec www.midtowncomics.com - the best full service comic shop in the world. I haven't lived in NYC for nearly 5 years, but I still get the majority of my books there. Great website, better store. Go see 'em and let them feed your need for pop culture!

That's it, Captain - I'm givin' her all she's got!

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Chongo said...

Make sure you post that sick flyer you made. Nice Job again. I would also like to request a copy.