Happy All Hallow's Eve Weekly 5 Edition

Spooky night, happy frights!

Bookmark It: My fave Helloween Website: http://www.geocities.com/dzilla1964/ - Fond childhood memories spent in front of the boob tube!

Read It: Salem's Lot by Stephen King - perfect October reading. Also any of the horror stuff by Ray Bradbury, particularly, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Listen to It: this is a given: Rob Zombie! Or White Zombie. You decide.

View It: I could have you here all night. But top of the list right now -- 28 Days Later, The Fog, Nightmare on Elm Street (the original.)

Scan It: DC Comics' new title, Toe Tags -- a horror anthology that just started; the first issue features the talented George Romero, writing a zombie story (what else!?) - awesome!

So there it is. Get out there and treat yourself to some of these tricky little numbers.

Happy Halloween!!


Strabley said...

Jax, wasn't a young Johnny Depp one of Freddie's early victims in the orginal Nightmare? I think there was some kind of line to the effect "I'm your boyfriend now Nancy!"

Jax said...

That's true - he died in the "bed embrace" - one of the bloodiest scenes in the first film. Classic!