And . . . . we're back

So, after a month off for the work on NaNoWriMo, I took an additional month off because I am a lazy bastard. Anyway, with the new year arrived in one piece, I will try for at least weekly updates with the Weekly 5 and a review or interesting weblink here and there.

Let's start it off with the Weekly 5 Year End Review:

Scan It: Best Graphic Novel or Comic of the Year: My vote goes to Brian K. Vaughn's and tony Harris's Ex Machina. A mix of political commentary and superhero action, with just the right amount of wise-ass comedy, this book rocks consistently. Fantastic art by Harris (the best stuff he's done since his seminal run on Starman) only adds to the high quality of this book.

Read It: The final three volumes of Stephen King's Dark Tower series is hands down the winner. Among the three, I have to pick Wolves of the Calla as the best.

Listen to It: Three way tie here for me: Mission of Burma's On off On, Mike Watt The Secondman's Middle Stand, and finally, even though I don't think it came out this year, I got it this year, so My Morning Jacket's It Still Moves. Rock.

View It: Easy-peasy Japanesy -- Movie: Hellboy: the new special edition dvd makes it that much better. TV: Lost: more intense than a bowel movement after a latenight session at Wes's Rib House.

Bookmark It: Shameless plug time: www.forcesofgood.com - Sure, there was only one issue this past year, but the online pop culture mag/authority figure will be back in February with an all new format and daily updates, plus weekly reviews of all the hottest films, books, comics, and more. Check back for the new launch date!

So, first in for the year, let me know what you call Tops in your own little spacepods. Comment and tell me what made you squirm in '04.

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