Vehement Victorian Vengeance

click the title above to be linked to the official movie website for the classic Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic: V for Vendetta.

one of the most subversive comic works by Moore and groundbreaking in many ways, V is the story of a not too-distant future in London where fascism rules and freedom is non-existent. one man, however, is ready to rock the boat and blowing up Parliment is only the beginning.

one of the most striking innovations of the series was Moore's total non-use of thought captions. long the standard crutch for writers to give readers the "inside view" of their characters, the trend of abolishing thought captions is common now. But in the early 80s when Moore/Lloyd started V at the English anthology, Warrior, it was innovative, daring, and I would imagine, a serious writer's challenge. hell, I can't write a six page script without at least a page or two of internal exposition by my hero!

anyway, Joel Silver and the Wachowski Bros. are behind this one, so I would hope that they don't fuck it up. unfortunately, Moore's previously brilliant work has been slaughtered and shat upon on the silver screen (see, or rather don't see, the movies From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or the abominable Swamp Thing movies from the 80s!)

england prevails.

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