Man of Bronze v. Hordes of Diabolical Midgets!!

For a few years now I have been tracking down and collecting the somewhat rare and mostly pretty cheap 1960s paperback re-issues of the classic Doc Savage pulps from the 30s. Re-presented in pocket-sized paperback novel form wrapped in the gorgeous art of James Bama, these are the ultimate in action-adventure tough guy pulp fiction. This past week, at one of Providence's best kept secrets -- Cellar Stories -- I found a new batch of these tough-to-find gems in absolutely minty condition.

Sure, The Shadow is more popular and more well known than Doc Savage. And, right, you're thinking Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow showed you enough of those silly "pulps" to last a bitter lifetime. But the Savage novels are the real deal my friend. And just to tantalize you with a taste of the freaky uber-action that happens in every one of the 161 novels:

The Menace of the Deadly Dwarf: Cadwiller Olden was only three feet tall, but he was the most dangerous man on Earth. With his legion of brutal giants, and control of REPEL -- a massive, devastating energy force -- the murderous midget began an all-out assault against the defenseless bastions of the free nations. As the entire world huddles in fear, DOC SAVAGE battles against the bizarre doll criminal, and the unleashed fury of his deadly tool of destruction, REPEL!

That's from the cover description to "The Deadly Dwarf", number 28 in the series. With a lead-in like that, and other titles like: The Gold Ogre, The Thousand-Headed Man, The Spook Legion, and The Evil Gnome, how can you resist?

You can't, my friend.

You surely can't.

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Domoni said...

Now that is one of Dent's best Doc novels. The original pulp title was "Repel." which was nowhere as pulpy as The Deadly Dwarf.

While you're waiting to get the rest of the novels you can read them online at Blackmask.