22 Hours and Counting . . .

The season finales this week of 24, Lost, The Contender, and Alias. My ass is glued to the couch like never before. I will probably post a review of Revenge of the Sith soon, but I may see it again first. In short - I liked it. A lot. Probably better than Jedi . . . but I'm not sure yet, until I see it again. One thing, in Sith annoying droids replace the cloying Ewoks of Jedi.

But, I liked it. Some great stuff in it, and I think the overall best thing about it, was that it makes Episodes 1 and 2 better. And that's saying a lot.

Finally, click the title for the ultimate site on Lost speculation!

Jack's back, and there's only 120 minutes until Zero Hour.

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