The King Gets His Day!

The Jack Kirby Museum has finally made its debut. Albeit, an online museum only at this point, but future plans call for educational seminars, traveling tours of Kirby's works, and I hope an eventual home. No one deserves it more. Comics remain one of the few truly American artforms and Kirby was more of a pioneer and gave more to the field than nearly any other creator in the form's 100+ year history.

A true American original, spend some time on the site, get to know the man and his work, and then stop wasting time. Get to a comic store or even Barnes & Nobles or Borders and buy some Kirby classics. A great resource is Marvel's Essentials collections - usually containing about 20 comics, reprinted in black & white for under 15 bucks. Can't be beat. Do yourself a favor and check out the Fantastic Four first!

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