a little look at my development in three quick pics!

First though, the brief: A gig-flyer for my friends' band showcase in RI : www.75orless.com Presents that would feature three local bands (including my brother's and friend Slick's and Jay's band, Six Star General) PLUS a nod to their friend Greta's Birthday Bash that they would be celebrating that night. Oh, and I had to get in the fact that Six Star General would also be releasing their new full length CD.

So, I was provide with that info and this photo of Greta:

Since I didn't want to just punch the photo in a corner of the poster like a sore thumb, I went with the idea of using it as the basis of the poster, so I went to work illo-ing it. Hence:

Finally, I put it together with some text, used a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired color palette, some Benday dots, and voila:

For the poster, I added some detail work to the illo, like the "lightning star" that I created for 6Star's logo and some finishing work on the bottom of the jacket and sleeve, to give a more geometric look (that's sort of hidden by the band names, but it is there, trust me!).

So, if you're in the RI this weekend, stop by Houlihans in EP on the Waterfront -- listen to some hardhitting rock from three great local acts and drink a beer and a shot with Greta. Plus get the new cd from 6Star, artwork for which I also did and will post in a day or so - it will be available for sale on www.75orlessrecords.com all!

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