That's Right, Mother-F'n Snakes!

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art by Gordon Purcell
Photo covers
Issue #1 Variant cover by J.G. Jones
Issue #2 Variant cover by Jerome Moore

You’ve heard the Internet buzz…seen the hair-raising trailer…now experience the comic of the sensational summer movie Snakes on a Plane, written by Chuck Dixon (NIGHTWING) with art by Gordon Purcell and painted covers by J.G. Jones (52) and Jerome K. Moore!
Snakes on a Plane stars Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent assigned to escort a government witness on a flight to Los Angeles. But when a crimelord sets loose hundreds of deadly snakes during the flight, the agent must band together with the pilot, frightened crew and passengers in a desperate attempt to survive and protect his witness!

There are mother$%#@!! Snakes On The mother$%#@!! Plane!

Retailers please note: Each issue will feature two covers; see order form for details.

Issue #1 on sale August 16; issue #2 on sale August 30 (1 & 2 of 2) 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS

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