Part 2 of a series

Continuing my series of classic and personal favorites, we jump to the modern era and the most recent Batman covers to hit the shelves (actually two haven't even come out yet, but what the hell!)

Batman #667 written by Grant Morrison; art and cover by J.H. Williams, III

Writer Grant Morrison's current story resurrecting the "Club of Heroes" focuses on the Silver Age Bat-emulators from around the world - think of guys like Bat-Hombre (now El Goucho) and the United Kingdom's Knight & Squire - reuniting with their inspiration, Batman on a remote millionaire's private island. Morrison's modern updating of the concept is of course, phenomenal, and it's only a third of the way into the story.

When one of the Club of Heroes is murdered on the island and the killer taunts the heroes while wearing the peeled off face of their millionaire benefactor, Batman takes the lead in tracking down the ruthless killer.

The first issue of the three parter (Batman #667) just shipped last week, and if you can find it on the stands, I urge you to do so. It was one of the best Batman comics I have read in years. It's too bad that artist J.H. Williams's stint on the book is so short - he has the perfect combination of moody art and action driven story-telling that's making this an instant classic.

Tune in later in the month for some of the Silver Age covers that inspired the story behind the new Club of Heroes.

Covers to issues #668 (on the right) and #669 (left) also by J.H. Williams, III. My personal favorite of the three is the cover to #669, although it is hard to argue with the graphic genius behind the cover to #668. Both books are shipping to comic shops within the next 2 week to 1 month.

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