Here's the teaser poster for Jon Favreau's Iron Man :

And here's a teaser image for a big announcement Marvel Comics is making on October 11th, 2007, apparently :
Can you tease a date?

This is another perfect example of Marvel's insistence to make everything they do overblown. World War Hulk (and Planet Hulk leading up to it) has been a great storyline with little or no hype to it before it was released. The much bally-hooed Civil War on the other hand was screamed about everywhere possible, and for the most part was a major disappointment. Spidey's current One More Day storyline is super-duper hyped, but with only one issue of the 4-parter out so far, I will reserve judgment. Suffice it to say that first issue was no great shakes.

Anyway, that's my dig at Marvel this week - come back later in the week for a dig at DC!

We try to be equal opportunity in our hating here at TTHQ . . .

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