Tim Roth is certainly scary as the Abomination in the upcoming Incredible Hulk flick from Marvel Films and Ed Norton. Now if Norton and Marvel can just work out their differences and finish a cut of the film that they can agree on.

Norton's well known for being "particular" about the film's he is involved in (from American History X - where he went so far as to recut the film, causing director Tony Kaye to pull his name from the picture - to The Italian Job, in which he was so vocal about his displeasure with the final cut of that film that he practically guaranteed its box-office failure.) Since Marvel allowed Norton to virtually dictate the film to them on paper by letting him re-write the original script and supposedly promising the actor unprecedented say in the final cut, Marvel has basically painted themselves into a corner.

However, I am not sure that's a bad thing. Norton has a very high degree of expertise in the industry, is meticulous, and really has a mastery of his craft. Marvel could do worse than let someone like that influence the route this picture takes.

Go here for the trailer in HD.

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