Coming soon to a Target near you!
In addition to the already great Mr. Miracle, Orion and Lightray figures from the JLU line from Mattel, Kirby fans can rejoice with this set feature all new figures of the evil Mantis and Lashina (of Granny Goodness' Female Furies) plus the heroic bug, Forager!

Moving to Target Exclusive status, Mattel plans on releasing additional 6 packs with mixes of new and old figures, new three packs and all new single figs! Of those rumored to be on the way . . . The Question!

With the WB Justice League Unlimited show off the air for over two years, it is impressive that Mattel is putting out any of figures in this line, even repaints of existing molded figs. To actually being putting out multiple waves shows a great dedication to fans of the line.

Look for these New Gods box sets at a Target near you in Late May or Early June.

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