With the DC Comics Universe moving into a new year of stories, launching tomorrow with the $.50 DCU #0, and the May-shipping Final Crisis by the mega-star team of Grant Morrison and JG Jones, the company has been unveiling a number of ads depicting the upcoming series and tie-ins from the characters' main titles.

The posters are bold and stark and feature an iconic sliver of artwork from the artists and characters involved in the upcoming series and story arcs. The original release features Darkseid and the upcoming Final Crisis.

Another, featuring a Terror Tales favorite, Batman, is also written by Morrison with artwork from upcoming Batman cover artist Alex Ross. This story promises to change the Bat forever and the death of Bruce Wayne. Much debate is swarming the internet over whether that is a literal or figurative death. Either way, a gutsy move for DC and Warners considering the blockbuster Dark Knight film is only months away from bowing in theaters.

In that vain, I was inspired by the message-board denizens over at Newsarama.com to create my own poster. Booster Gold was a laugh-out-loud character in the 90s when written in the wonderful JLI series by J.M. DeMattias and Keith Giffen.

Mostly a throw-away C-lister since the demise of that title, recently the character has been revived and made into a must-read book by Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz, and Dan Jurgens (w/art assists by the excellent Norm Rapmund). Filled with action, adventure, laughs, intrigue, mystery, and most importantly, fun. Its the way more comics should be written - respective of its past, but pushing forward boldly without scorching the earth it covers.

Anyway, here's my design entry for the new DC-ad push:


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