Design Meltdown

working hard on a handful of projects, so short post tonight - FX's The Shield has been as good if not better than any of the last three seasons. If you're not watching Macky and Shane, you should be, scumbag.

24 also better this season than last, but there just seems to be something bigger around every corner. I miss the idea from Season One where there was a single threat and Jack had one day to stop it. Now there's a new threat each hour and its just a juggling match to see how he can leap to the next hurdle. Still intense though and better written than 99% of the dreck on the rest of the major networks.

Finally, if you aren't aware or already reading them, head over to www.hardcasecrime.com -- a new mini-publisher specializing in crime fiction with a pulp slant. Featuring new writers, some of the biggest names in fiction (like Donald Westlake, Robert Bloch and Stephen King), and reprinting long out-of-print classics, this is the publisher everyone should have in their radar. Personal favorite so far: Kiss Her Goodbye by Allan Guthrie - the best thing to come out of Scotland since Sean Connery.

Over and out.

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