Prison Break Season 2 Premiere Free Video

Watch (Stream) the entire season premiere for free.

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Chongo said...

HunterJax, (Ryan) Take a look at this and see if you're interested. It Sage Francis from Providence Let me know if you have any questions on it. The websites and CD art is on the Sage Francis sites. I grabbed this from his Myspace page and you can see link it from my chongo page. Later.

The CD company I have been using to duplicate the Known Unsoldier CD has lost the artwork somehow.

I could go ahead and scan the old cover (which was already a scan of a photoshopped job once the previous CD duplicator lost the artwork) but I think it's time for a change anyway. I want to add a booklet as well.

But for the cover, I would like to have an imagine (drawing, painting, photo collage, whatever) of a man hanging at half-mast. Makeshift Patriot imagery. If not a man hanging at half-mast, then something else that follows some of the Makeshift Patriot imagery.

Anyone wanna take a crack at this?

Do not worry about the dimensions of the CD cover. What we are looking for are images that are usable within the context of the artwork we will put together. Don't worry about text either.

please send all submissions to me at sagefrancis (at) gmail.com

thank you